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Secure Spaces for Android

Mobile Privacy

Take back control of your mobile device. IT, kids and friends are guests on your device, not the other way around. With Secure Spaces you are no longer constrained. You don't have one room in your house, why have only one Space on your mobile device?

Mobile Work

Use your device at work, allow your IT administrator to manage your "work" Space secure in the knowledge that they can't see any other Space on your device.

Mobile Sharing

Have kids or friends who want to use your phone or tablet sometimes? Keep you personal stuff safe by creating a "guest" Space where you can store games or apps that you want to share or have easy access to.

Mobile Fun!

Always been afraid to download the latest app? Worried about what will happen to your phone or data. Not anymore! Now you can have a Space dedicated to downloads.

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IT is a guest on your mobile device, not the other way around. Let's talk.


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Graphite’s team has extensive experience building strong and easy to use security solutions for consumer devices and has been influential in this market. We see an opportunity in the BYOD market for Android phones and tablets where dual persona solutions are insecure, cumbersome to use and offer little benefit to the device owner. It is easy to create solutions that are either easy to use or super secure. But enterprises and consumers want both. As veterans in the device security business, we are re-defining mobile device security. Visit our blog!


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Meet our investors. Celtic House Venture Partners

Celtic House is an independent Canadian investment firm. Since 1994, Celtic House has been one of Canada’s most active investors in technology and innovation. Capitalizing on the deep domain expertise of its partners, Celtic House has consistently provided superior financial returns to its investors. Celtic House has collaborated with management teams and repeat entrepreneurs to develop technology companies from the inception phase through to exit, generating over 25 initial public offerings and successful acquisitions. From offices in Toronto and Ottawa, Celtic House manages in excess of $425 million across three funds. Celtic House is currently making new investments out of Celtic House Venture Partners Fund IV, which closed in 2012.


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