We are Graphite Software

We believe today’s mobile device does not protect anyone’s privacy. Whether just ourselves, or a targeted organization, there is need for better control over your data, your accounts, the device, the sensors, the networks, your location, your apps and messages.

Graphite Software was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and the former founders of Cloakware, to address privacy and give users flexibility that just has not been available. As a start, we wanted one device, but where the accounts and apps could be separated. Secondly, and closely related, we wanted a device with the services provided by Google and their explicit loss in personal information, but also with the ability to stay private when desired.

In 2015 we partnered with Silent Circle and launched the revolutionary Blackphone 2, which was the first ever Google/non-Google phone all-in-one. While we were producing custom ROMs, it was hard to make the software work completely. So partnered with numerous smartphone OEMs, including launching the Xiaomi Second Space feature in 2016, which ultimately deployed to over 200M+ devices. But working with OEMs is time consuming and achieving our complete vision was proving difficult.

In 2017, something special happened with Android, called Project Treble. This re-architecture of Android means that custom ROMs can be developed and deployed to third-party commercial smartphone hardware in a scalable fashions. We have re-trenched, re-focused on our core expertise and are offering a complete mobile security solution for those who care about privacy.

Our team

We bring years of high-tech experience in start-ups, software development, SaaS, strategic planning and marketing, all used to develop and bring to market innovative solutions around device security.

Alec has been influential in the security industry, shaping the security models and technology that are used by many of the largest OEMs and service providers in the world. As the CTO of Cloakware, Alec guided the product strategy and led engagements with key customers until the acquisition of the company in 2007 for US$72.5M.

Alec Main, CEO

Passionate entrepreneur and experienced executive with over 25 years of experience in high tech including roles in business development, sales, finance, strategy, product management and product development. Paul has extensive experience selling to leading mobile operators and device OEMs in North America, Europe, China, Japan and Korea.

Paul Litva, SVP Business Development

With 10 digital security patents, Ron brings over 27 years of experience in software product strategy, product management and engineering senior management roles at a number of international companies, including Nortel, Entrust, Cloakware and Irdeto.

Ron Vandergeest, VP Customer Satisfaction

Jeff began his career in the technology industry in 1987. He has been involved in numerous public and private financings, acquisitions, dispositions and other transactions with a total value of over $1 billion.

Jeff McMullen, CFO

Over 20 years leadership, management and software development experience. Currently focused on delivering solutions to mobile and cloud service platforms.

Garney Adams, Director of Engineering

Kirsten has a broad background in HR functions and recruiting coming from MD Financial most recently and from tech companies large and small such as Lumenera, Alcatel and others in the past. She has tremendous experience working in various industries, including: privately held, publicly traded, and non-profit organizations.

Kirsten Paquette, HR Manager

Ghufran is an accomplished engineering and operations leader, with over 20 years of experience scaling engineering organizations, leading global teams, and building complex messaging, cloud and big data solutions.

Ghufran Mahboob, VP of SaaS Operations