Graphite Software continues innovation within Silent OS 3.0 update

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OTTAWA, Ontario, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Graphite Software, the leading mobile virtualization provider, continues to lead OS privacy solutions as a key player in newly released Silent OS 3.0 for Blackphone 2 devices. Silent Circle’s latest operating system update includes Zero-touch Managed Secure Spaces making this release another significant step in Silent Circle’s continuing delivery of privacy to Enterprises and governments worldwide.

Graphite Software provides the underlying “Spaces” technology on Blackphone devices. Multiple, isolated virtual Spaces separate work apps, accounts and data from those used for personal purposes. Enterprise customers are able to rapidly download work Spaces to corporately-owned or employee-owned Blackphones with the confidence that corporate apps and data are encrypted and isolated separately from an employee’s personal apps and data. Corporate IT can define unique security settings for their work Space and can regularly push updates. Employees have the confidence that their private data is not accessible by their employer.

“Silent Circle has embraced Secure Spaces within their platform to create a uniquely compelling Enterprise offering.”, said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. “Work Spaces can be quickly downloaded and may even be hidden on the device for the ultimate in privacy. Users can download their own Hidden Spaces from Google Play. No other Android device addresses the security needs of the enterprise and the privacy concerns of the employee like Blackphone.”

Silent OS 3.0 includes unique Spaces only capabilities, such as:

“Exit Space on Sleep” eliminates the risk of prying eyes when a device is left unattended
“Stop Space on Exit” terminates all processes, and ensures user data is cleared from memory and inaccessible in the encrypted filesystem
“Exclusive Network Access” limits available network connections to only the Work Space, reducing network traffic and preventing unencrypted communications leaking information.
“Privacy conscious organizations – everywhere – need assistance regaining the corporate privacy they have been forced to accept as lost.” said Vic Hyder, Chief Strategy Officer and founding member at Silent Circle. “Blackphone’s Silent OS 3.0 with Zero-touch Managed Secure Spaces simplifies the delivery of security and privacy making it even more effective and unbelievably easy. You’re going to love it.”

About Graphite Software’s Secure Spaces

Secure Spaces is an Android virtualization platform that enables multiple virtual devices or “Spaces” to co-exist on a single device – such as a Personal Space, a Kids Space, a Work Space and a Secure Banking Space. This addresses not only fundamental Android security and privacy issues but it also enables Spaces to provide different user experiences in terms of apps, wallpapers, launchers and unique Space security settings, which leads to new forms of app discovery and distribution. Like the material graphite, Secure Spaces is strong and lightweight – there is no impact in device performance compared to previous virtualization technologies. Secure Spaces will be deployed to over 100 million devices by the end of 2016. For more information, visit:

About Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a world leader in secure communications, delivered through a revolutionary Enterprise Privacy Platform of devices, software and services, built on open-source ZRTP technology and a fundamentally different, cloud-based, mobile architecture. Silent Circle is headquartered in Switzerland, home of the world’s best privacy laws. For more information on Silent Circle, go to: