Graphite Software and Karbonn Mobiles Partner to Develop and Distribute Theme Spaces for Smartphone Devices

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Ottawa, Canada – March 2, 2017 – Graphite Software, the leading mobile virtualization provider, announces the signing of a partnership agreement with Karbonn Mobiles, to develop, distribute and promote Theme Spaces for their mobile devices.

Theme Spaces, built on and delivered via Graphite’s Spaces platform, provide unique and compelling mobile experiences to consumers within dedicated virtual devices or “Spaces” on consumer devices. Theme Spaces are separate, isolated and protected virtual devices that can be used to recommend and distribute apps and content related to specific themes such as entertainment, shopping, kids, and more.
Mobile users have the freedom and control to switch between Spaces on their devices and to add Theme Spaces as they choose.

Within Theme Spaces, the user can enjoy curated content related to their specific interests while keeping their personal apps, accounts and data separate and secure. This addresses a difficult app discovery challenge for both the user and the app/content providers.

“India is the new hot spot for mobile growth and Karbonn Mobiles is perfectly positioned to differentiate their devices and capitalize on the opportunity”, said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software.
Karbonn Mobiles has the marketing savvy to take full advantage of the Spaces platform to differentiate their device and service offerings”, continues Alec Main. “The opportunity is compelling and is consistent with the view that the device is no longer the end game for OEMs but rather a new delivery mechanism for a recurring advertising and services revenue.”

“Graphite’s Spaces platform adds an entirely new dimension to the mobile devices and services business”, said Shashin Devsare, Executive Director, Karbonn Mobiles. “Our aim is to customize our offerings as per our consumer needs and simplify the experience of smart telephony for our users. Keeping in mind the current wave of digitization in India this partnership with Graphite would ensure that our users are offered more secured interactivity with their Karbonn smartphones. This association with Graphite cements the fact, that not only do we necessitate enhanced smart telephony interactions but more secured ones.”

Deployed on approximately 200M devices, Graphite’s Spaces platform holds the leading position in the Android multi-persona arena. Graphite’s Spaces platform provides the device OEM with multiple methods to monetize Theme Spaces including app recommendations, content walls and widgets, wallpaper take-overs, transition screens, icon customization, app placement and more.