Graphite Software and leading Chinese Android OEM agree to promote Work Spaces on Tablets

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Ottawa, Canada – March 1, 2017 – Graphite Software, the leading mobile virtualization provider, announces the signing of an agreement with one of China’s leading Android device OEMs to distribute and promote Work Spaces on their tablets . Work Spaces, built on Graphite’s Spaces platform, simplify and resolve many of the privacy and deployment challenges that are contributing to the failure of Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM) projects.

“Regular security updates and flexible EMM partner access are becoming key differentiators for Android OEMs in enterprise markets. Our partner immediately recognized the value of our Spaces solution and seized upon the opportunity to further differentiate their tablet devices, that already hold a dominant position in the Enterprise market, while gaining a new recurring services revenue stream and reducing their engineering costs.”, said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. “While selling more devices is very important to them they clearly recognize that recurring services revenue and reduced costs can be just as lucrative. We are very excited by this opportunity.”

Deployed to approximately 200M devices, Graphite’s Spaces platform holds the leading position in the Android multi-persona arena. A work Space delivers a separate, isolated and protected area on the device to be used for work apps, accounts and data. This allows for the separation of the users personal and work life. Mobile Application Management (MAM) support in Spaces solves the app distribution and versioning challenge without requiring complicated app wrapping techniques found in competitive approaches. Supporting both COPE and BYOD deployment models Spaces provides the control and security required by the organization while delivering the privacy and freedom desired by the employee.

Many OEMS deliver and support custom ROMs that have been created to support specific Enterprise customer features and requirements. Initially, this approach satisfies the customer need however it introduces significant ongoing operational challenges and costs to update and maintain these custom ROMs per customer. Additionally, without regular ROM updates the OEM’s customers face potential security threats that can only be resolved through regular updates.

“Having experienced these custom ROM challenges our partner found the ideal solution with the capability to download and maintain Spaces using our platform.” continues Alec Main. “They now have a scalable, flexible solution that allows them to sell more devices, generate services revenue and reduce their engineering costs.”

About Graphite Software’s Spaces Solution
The Spaces solution from Graphite Software is an Android virtualization platform that enables multiple virtual devices or “Spaces” to co-exist on a single device, such as a work spaces and various theme spaces. Spaces allows users to separate work from like, while addressing fundamental Android security issues. It provides unique user experiences in terms of apps, wallpapers, launchers and Space security settings, which leads to new forms of app discovery and distribution. Like the material graphite, Spaces is strong and lightweight – there is no impact in device performance compared to previous virtualization technologies. Spaces has been deployed to approximately 200 million devices. For more information, visit: