Graphite Software’s Work Spaces Soon Available in China

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OTTAWA, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Graphite Software, the leading mobile virtualization provider, announces the availability of Work Spaces. Both enterprises and individuals will have the opportunity to gain control over their mobile devices while enjoying the freedom of securely using the devices for both work and personal enjoyment without compromise. Working with leading device OEMs Graphite’s Spaces platform will be available to Spaces ready devices in April 2017.

A work Space delivers a separate, isolated and protected area on the device to be used for work apps, accounts and data. This allows for the separation of the users personal and work life. Supporting both COPE and BYOD deployment models, Spaces provides the control and security required by the organization while delivering the privacy and freedom desired by the employee.

“We’ve taken a very different approach than traditional EMM tools,” said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. “Spaces delivers the security and control needed by the enterprise, while providing the desired privacy and freedom of the employee. Work spaces are compatible with all Android apps, and there is no need for app wrapping. They are not only easy to deploy, but also allow regular updates.”

Created for the enterprise, a Work Space is an IT managed virtual Space that delivers the administrative controls necessary to set the appropriate apps and permissions available to the user while in the Work Space. Providing the key capabilities found in an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product, Spaces allows for granular control of settings without the heavy handed take-over of devices that have caused so many EMM projects to fail. IT administrators can only see and manage Work Spaces on devices that were created for their organization, but cannot see any other Spaces on the device. When locked or wiped, only the Work Space on the device is affected. Employee privacy is preserved while enterprise control and security is enforced.

Created for the individual, a Work Space reduces interruptions at work. It separates work-related apps, accounts and data separate from personal apps, accounts and data. With Work Spaces, one does not have to carry two phones, one for work and one for personal use. With full access to all of the Android settings within the Space, the user becomes their own work administrator to achieve the level of desired control while enjoying the freedom to quickly switch back and forth between work and personal as needed. By keeping work space separate from personal apps, Work Space prevents inadvertent exposure of work files to social media apps.

Android Device OEMs recognize that Work Spaces provide a new source of revenue, by extending their relationship with device owners beyond the purchase of the device. Seeking new ways to maintain and grow market share, OEMs see Graphite’s Spaces platform as an ideal way forward.

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About Graphite Software’s Spaces Solution

The Spaces solution from Graphite Software is an Android virtualization platform that enables multiple virtual devices or “Spaces” to co-exist on a single device. Spaces allows users to separate their work and personal lives, while addressing fundamental Android security issues. It provides unique user experiences in terms of apps, wallpapers, launchers and Space security settings, which leads to new forms of app discovery and distribution. Like the material graphite, Spaces is strong and lightweight – there is minimal impact on device performance compared to previous virtualization technologies. Spaces solution has been deployed to approximately 200M devices.