Secure Spaces

Personalized virtual phones with apps, data & accounts tailored to your needs without compromising your privacy

Cool device features

Make your smartphone incredibly unique without compromise

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Cross Space notifications

Stay notified of activity in other Spaces

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Quick access to new Spaces, apps and content

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Separate your work & personal lives by

routing the # to your different personas

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Space Sharing

Share files and contacts across Spaces

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Multiple launchers

Change the appearance of each

Space to make it unique

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Hidden Space

Your private apps and data hidden in plain sight

Cool server features

Customization of Spaces including the apps, widgets, launchers, wallpapers, device attributes & security settings

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Dashboards and analytics

Quick access to the information that matters

about your Spaces

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Push notifications

Send notifications to Spaces

to keep your users up-to date

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Monetize Spaces

Get the content that matters

in front of your followers

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Space management

Set & update the look & feel of Spaces

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Invite users to your Space

Individual invitations for customers & employees,

shared invitations for the public

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Control Spaces

Send set password, lock and wipe commands to Space


A scalable, flexible and secure Android virtualization platform to create and maintain co-existent Spaces on a device

Management Server

Used to create, update, lock or delete managed Spaces. Spaces can be configured with the apps, files, widgets, launchers and security settings that an IT admin sees fit

Cloud Messaging

Used for real-time notifications and OTA updates to keep the Space dynamic, up to date and relevant to consumers

MDM/EMM Integration

Server API's can be accessed directly by partner MDM / EMM to manage Spaces

CDN & data analytics

App stores, ad libraries, provided by the admin or a 3rd party can be pushed onto devices and you can start to monetize your Space

We are serious about security

  • Connector.

    AES 256bit encryption of Space data

  • Connector.

    Anti-tamper technology

  • Connector.

    Per-Space & device-wide developer disablement

  • Connector.

    Screen lock enforcement

  • Connector.

    App and data isolation between Spaces

  • Connector.

    Configurable Authentication Setting

  • Connector.

    Remote attestation

  • Connector.

    Hidden Spaces