Some information is meant to be private

Work, play, share, be social from one device without accidentally disclosing your personal information

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    Let the company control the work Space, while you shield your personal information

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    Try any game you want in an isolated Space to ensure it doesn’t access any of your personal data

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    Hide your private life in a Space that is undetectable or accessible by others

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    Use an encrypted banking Space with trusted financial apps, to keep malware away from your accounts and finances.

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    Be anonymous

    Surf the mobile web from a Space with no accounts or apps in it.

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    Share your device

    Let your kids to play games on your phone without concern that they will change your settings or see your personal or work info.

Device OEMs

We partner with Android OEMs around the globe to address their requirements as well as the requirements of consumers, mobile operators, enterprises and mobile app providers

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    Differentiate your devices

    Be the first to provide virtual secure ecosystems on your devices, to address mobile banking, mobile advertising, BYOD and COPE use cases.

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    Address privacy and security concerns

    Deliver apps and updates to consumers without the invasiveness of pre-loading.

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    Reduce costs

    Minimize the management of regional variants and device costs with the Space Management Service for updates, recommended apps and enforced settings.

Mobile advertisers

Define new user experiences, control home screen real estate and capitalize with compelling content

Benefits for users

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    Provides a rich, interactive and curated user experience

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    Provides user opt-in for branded content and up-sell opportunities without risking privacy backlash from users

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    One place for all the content users want, without relying on users to find the official apps

Benefits for brands

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    Your home screen

    A Space managed by you, where you define and control the mobile experience

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    App placement

    Place your apps, and your partner apps, where you want them

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    Alternate distribution channel

    Spaces provide an alternate distribution channel of apps and content to mobile devices