Enterprise Mobility Management

You can now allow employees to access corporate networks, company approved apps and data while enforcing the access settings that meet your stringent standards.

Benefits for the enterprise

  • Secure access to corporate networks, company approved apps and data
  • Strong isolation of work and personal data and apps
  • Work Space encryption using AES-256 keys
  • Full compatibility with existing EMM solutions
  • Per Space VPN. Multiple Work Spaces on the same device
  • Remote lock /wipe of work Spaces on lost devices, or of former employees
  • Granular, policy-based control over Space settings

Benefits for the employee

  • One device for both personal and work activities
  • Personal apps and data are isolated from work Spaces
  • Maintains Android UI and user experience
  • Supports 100% of Android apps without modification
  • Supports multiple Spaces per device with very low performance impact
  • Unprecedented customization and control of the personal Spaces